This image is what I think about when I say lets live

My name is David Harper and I have had cancer for 6 years. I was a Volunteer Advocate with Sandwell Advocacy and attended the in house Volunteer training sessions run by the organisation . I have further training with Macmillan at Mary Stevens Hospice for the same role.This is a vital role where I am partnered with someone who has cancer so that I can support them. I help in many ways, from being a good listener to accompanying them on hospital visits. I walk with them so they do not walk alone.

This Group has been set up to fulfil a need that arose from the work that I did as an advocate. It was clear to me that the people I partnered needed a group like the one I have created.

I truly believe that dealing with cancer is in the mind. We can not change the hand we have been dealt but we can choose our response. This belief developed after my oncologist suggested that I tried complementary therapy. This support has changed my life and how I live it. So please try all these other therapy's to help you with your mind. We have contacts for coaches from Health for Living. [thanks Emma]